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Cam's album "Ipso Facto" is now available on Summit Records!  Get your copy today!   .... 


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Cam continues performing in an around the Portland area ... Please check your local listings for details!

"Two weeks after I started teaching myself guitar at the age of 12, I wrote my first song and became committed to composing music.  I have been vigorously involved in creating music ever since.  It has been my path and way of interpreting, coping with, and celebrating life.

I think of music and creative expression in general as a pinhole through which one can focus one’s attention, and view and engage with a universe of ideas and expressive potential.  Music is the universal language and for me, it’s where the action is! “Short Films” represents the results of some of these explorations and I hope it will inspire scenes of your own creation."  

Cam Newton


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